Yin Immersion Special Guest: Hiroko Demichelis, RCC

Yin Immersion Special Guest: Hiroko Demichelis, RCC

For our last day of the Fall Yin Immersion Series, we had a special guest join us: Hiroko Demichelis, RCC (Registered Clinical Counsellor)! She is also a certified expert in the use of neurofeedback and biofeedback through the BCIA. The intent of her clinic, Vancouver Brain Lab, is to integrate her interventions which are the most innovative techniques that can speed up and facilitate the healing process. 

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Yin Yoga Teacher Training Immersion: Guest Teacher Bios

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Monday July 6th: Dr.Tanya Gee, Dr.TCM is a registered Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Vancouver, BC.  She is the founder of the Bodhi Tree Healing Centre, a multi-disciplinary medical clinic devoted to serving all of humanity.  Best described as a  story teller, belly laugher, international educator and speaker as she inspires by example and encourages everyone to live simply and with consciousness. Dr.Gee has over 20 years of clinical experience in the field of Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine and esoteric studies of the Tao, Buddhism and more. What interests her the most is the unlimited power of love and the triumph of the human spirit.

Wednesday July 8th: Harmony Shire RMT is a fascial therapist focusing on the realignment of connective tissue. Practicing for eight years, she has found her passion in teaching the benefits and awareness of the fascial body and it's effect on daily living. An early advocate for fascial therapy, Harmony's knowledge of this understudied tissue is connecting and informing the yoga world, and shifting the way we view our practice. She has a full massage practice on Bowen Island and Vancouver, as well as co-teaching workshops.

Thursday July 9th: Muscles and Meridians Workshop by Obediya Jones-DarrellObediya is the head therapist of Superior Martial Arts.  He has had the opportunity to work with high level athletes such as Olympians, Yoga teachers and Professional Dancers to the general population who participate in the activities of daily living. Obediya helps these people do efficient stretching for injury prevention.  In this workshop, Obediya introduces specific stretching techniques and how to do some thai yoga based assists. Through a guided discussion he demonstrates how traditional concepts of yin and yang, the foundation of Acupuncture, and scientific principles from anatomy and physiology can work together to help you and your clients achieve balance during your practice.  

Friday July 10th: Dia Penning is yoga activist and Director of Curriculum and Training at World Trust Education Services in Oakland, CA. Through education rooted in love and justice, World Trust serves over 30,000 people each year. Using her 25 year foundation in the arts, social justice and yoga and challenging dominate paradigms through film, story and dialogue, Dia encourages deep reflection about how yogis approach service; within the yoga community AND out in the world. Please visit her website or Facebook for additional information.

Monday July 13th: Tanya Hollo is uniquely skilled in guiding people in the discovery of magic in everyday life. Weaving a strong scientific background with years of experience in various spiritual traditions and the healing arts, she loves empowering people to heal and transform themselves in a fun and accessible way. She believes that Yin yoga is a profound tool for self-discovery, and that through practice and integration, the skills learned in Yin can be used to transform the planet, one shape at a time. Tanya works as a naturopathic doctor in Gastown, Vancouver, where she is consistently humbled to witness patients on their healing paths.

Tuesday July 14th: Nicole Marcia has been a yoga teacher, therapist and trainer since 2004. In 2009, she was awarded a master’s degree with a specialization in yoga therapy from Lesley University in Boston, MA. Since then, she has been employed by Vancouver Coastal Health at their Burnaby Centre for Mental Health and Addictions, where she developed a comprehensive yoga therapy program for in-patient clients in various stages of recovery from mental health and addiction issues. She also serves as the director of training at Yoga Outreach, a not-for-profit organization providing volunteer yoga teachers to marginalized populations. In 2010, she completed the Trauma Sensitive Yoga Training at the Trauma Center in Boston, MA, and a course on the fundamentals of teaching yoga and meditation in military communities conducted by Warriors at Ease in Silver Spring, MD. She is a faculty member at Stenberg College, Ajna Yoga and Langara College Continuing Studies.

Thursday July 16th: Dr. Elisabeth Ormandy was introduced to yoga by her Grandfather when she was young. She officially started her yoga journey in 2002 with the practice of Ashtanga. Four years later Elisabeth travelled the ocean from Edinburgh to Vancouver where she nestled among the mountains and started to explore other yoga styles and philosophies. With inspiration from Anusara, Iyengar, and Yin-trained teachers, Rajanaka Tantra philosophy, and the human body, she settled into her own yoga rhythm. Elisabeth’s focus on wellness-based, ethically conscious living feeds her passion for yoga as a practice that goes beyond physical asana. In addition to teaching yoga, Elisabeth is a lecturer at the University of British Columbia where she teaches undergraduate classes in ethics, political theory, and animal welfare. She is Co-founder and Executive Director of the Animals in Science Policy Institute, a research consultant for the British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (BC SPCA), and a volunteer researcher for the David Suzuki Foundation. Elisabeth lives in Vancouver with her partner, Oliver, and together they are preparing to turn their tiny house dreams into a reality.

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Announcing the Complete Schedule for the July '15 Teacher Training in Vancouver

Monday July 6, 2015
Danielle HoogenboomIntroductions, Intention Setting and Yin Overview
Dr. Tanya Gee: Yin, Yang and the Dao. Mysticism and Medicine

Tuesday July, 2015
Danielle HoogenboomPoses, Placement and Form
Danielle HoogenboomPose Variations and Props. Working with Diverse Populations

Wednesday July 8, 2015
Harmony Shire: Anatomy: Fascia and Function
Harmony Shire: Anatomy: Bones, Organs, Muscles

Thursday July 9, 2015
Obediya Jones Darrell: Meridians and Muscles from Eastern and Western Views
Obediya Jones Darrell: Assisted Yin, Partner Work and Thai Massage

Friday July 10, 2015
Dia Penning: The Business of Yoga & Navigating Politics
Dia Penning: Systems, Privilege and Karma Yoga: Yoga off the Mat

Saturday July 11, 2015
Danielle HoogenboomElements and Understanding: Learning to Un-Sequence
Danielle HoogenboomVariations and Long Holds: Dissecting an Inner Practice

Sunday July 12, 2015
Danielle HoogenboomGroup Teaching and Body Feedback: Learning together
Danielle HoogenboomEmotional Wellness and Class Themes

Monday July 13, 2015
Dr. Tanya Hollo: Organs and Emotions
Dr. Tanya Hollo: Natural Health and Nature's ConnectedCycles

Tuesday July 14, 2015
Nicole Marcia: Trauma Sensitive Yoga for Mind, Body, Spirit
Danielle HoogenboomWord, Sound, Power: Finding your Unique Voice

Wednesday July 15, 2015
Danielle HoogenboomAsana Lab and Practice Teaching
Danielle HoogenboomPresentations, Group Reasonings and Future Resources

Thursday July 16, 2015
Danielle HoogenboomSpiritually Speaking: Sacred Modern Living
Dr. Elizabeth Ormandy: Ethics in to the World. Living Yoga to Create Change

Jamaica calling! Feb 19th - Mar 5th

Meridians and Emotions Retreat

Yin Yoga  Studies and Traditional Chinese Medicine with Acupuncture in Jamaica with Danielle Hoogenboom and Ryan Thompson

Feburary 18-March 5th, 2013 // St. Ann, Jamaica


Includes: workshops,  yoga classes, shared accommodation, airport transfer (one shuttle each way), plus:

  • 3  community acupuncture sessions. Additional sessions or private treatment with Ryan at an additional  charge.
  • 3 vegan meals a day. Jamaican cooking and adaptable to fit dietary needs.
  • 5 day trips (incredible beaches, turtle hatchery, roaring river and surprises along the way)

+  Airfare, insurance, and taxes not included +  Studies can be applied towards teacher training with application

Join us for 14 days of study/retreat  in the beautiful hills of St Ann's Jamaica. Retreat with a yoga teacher and a Chinese Medicine practitioner/acupuncturist to explore the theory of meridians, emotions and chi and how it applies to yin yoga. Workshops and yoga in the morning and evening, rotating day trips and plenty of free time to explore.  Receive community acupuncture, indulge in nourishing foods while immersing yourself in this exploration of alternative health and body psychology. Suitable for beginners and/or teachers. Explore these healing practices in a way you can utilize their tools with your students, or simply integrate into your life and daily activities.  Part theory, part practice, all retreat.

Danielle Hoogenboom is committed to unity both on and off the mat. She believes in the power of yoga to change lives and create amazing shifts in the world around us by starting with personal healing and health. It is her great honour to share yoga and a collection of wellness studies as a compass on this life.

Ryan Thompson is a registered acupuncturist and traditional Chinese medicine practitioner in Canada. He has practiced for 10 years in a variety of settings, including supervising students in a school clinic, doing ‘detox’ acupuncture in addictions and mental health units, working in private practice, in addition to providing low-cost treatments and teaching local practitioners in third world locations including Guatemala and India in the model of the Barefoot doctor. Ryan’s most recent Barefoot Acupuncture session was in a very rural region in Northern Guatemala. www acupuncturebc.com

Lentil Love: Yin and Dinner in Vancouver

Join us at Unity Yoga in Vancouver on June 9th for an afternoon of yummy yin in the sunshiney and cozy studio. Lets fill your hearts with self love, nourish the body with delicious yin, soothe the mind with meditation and our tasty breathe. Marinate in your own sweet self, and let the juices of life flow through you freely. Then of course, post rest...lets rise up and join together in some organic vegan curried lentils. Full heart, full body, full spirit. BYOB (bring your own bowl, spoon too!)       

Tea and soup served. Mats provided.

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Unity Yoga (10th and Commercial)

Sunday, June 9th


$30 +tax



Advanced YIN Studies at Laughing Lotus SF

Lotus Yin Discovery with Danielle Hoogenboom

May 4th and 5th

Laughing Lotus in SF


Dates: Sat. May 4th & Sun. May 5th Times: 1-6pm Cost: $199 (20% off for Lotus Grads)

Welcome to quieter side of Yoga ! In this 10 hour Yin Yoga Intensive you will learn to deepen your practice and understanding of the benefits and practice of Yin Yoga which creates physical, mental and emotional space thru the balance of opposing forces to understand our selves on a deeper level to reveal the internal medicine we always carry. We will explore how Meridians (energy paths) and Chi (energy) effect our health and well being and how to modify Yin for our individual bodies and how to offer variations to our students. Learn the pathways and movement of this energy as a powerful source of personal medicine Physically, psychologically and emotionally.

This workshop will explore the origins and intentions of Yin as well as how fascia affects every inch of our bodies, both inside and out. Learn the intentions of creating a well rounded Yin practice as well as how to intrigue Yin poses into a dynamic asana class. Discover the deep power of this seated, long held practice. Dive into your breath, reconnect with your sweet and powerful self and create a nurturing and peaceful environment for relaxation, rejuvenation and bliss for your selves and others. For Teachers and all Interested Students.

Curriculum: * An Introduction to Yin Yoga * Anatomy of Fascia and Inner Flow * Skeletal Variations * Energy and the Elements * Teaching Methodology, Techniques & Practice * Incorporating Yin Yoga into all classes * Healing one on ones

About Danielle: Danielle Hoogenboom is a Vancouver, BC based yoga teacher, certified in Lotus Flow and Yin Yoga as well as workshop facilitator, artist, clothing designer, mala making, garden loving and socially involved Gemini. Her commitment to the practice of yoga from practical theory to the mystical; from seated yin yoga to fierce power, is one that aims to share the diverse healing yoga offers as a co-created tool for transformation, for both ourselves and our communities.

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Lentil Love: Yin Yoga and Dinner


Join us for a warm, cozy and nurturing Sunday afternoon. Dive deep into your own practice and self care for a 2.5 hour Yin Yoga practice and meditation, then stay for dinner of vegan lentil stew with your chilled out yinnie friends.

Its  an important season to really rest and nourish the body. Slow down, breath deep, let go. Retreat to advance, nourish the cycles and find stillness. Yin Yoga is very much an practice for organ health, our practice will focus on caring for the Kidney and Urinary Bladder meridians for this winter season.

Sunday, February 17th.


Unity Yoga, Vancouver. BC


pre reg: danielle@lovelightyoga.com  & the event on facebook here

Yin Monthly on Feb 2nd: Skeletal Variations

Yin Yoga Monthly at East Side Yoga, Vancouver. BC

Join Danielle for an examination of bones with all of  their wonderful variations  to see how this can effect your yoga practice. Our focus will be on yin, but   This workshop is inspired from my work in completing my 500 hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Paul and Suzee Grilley.

We will look at how to make yin yoga accessible to all bodies and begin the journey of recognizing all the variations of poses that could work for different bones. Dive into your practice to understand more thoroughly how to create a yin shape just for you, and as well as how to apply this work in your classes as a teacher of both seated and dynamic asana.  Open to all levels from yin virgins to teachers.



East Side Yoga

Saturday, February 17th, 2013.





Yin Workshops: Jan and Feb in Vancouver

Yin and Fascia with Danielle Hoogenboom and Harmony Shire, RMT.


January 12th, 2013 at East Side Yoga


The fascial system is the system of tissue responsible for the postures we hold in everyday life. Without it, our bodies would be a puddle of tissue on the ground unable to function. When fascia thickens from injuries and everyday habits, it produces chronic pain from the inability to stretch and move with its surroundings. The better the form of the fascia and posture, the more fluid and effortless are the functions of fascia and all the tissues it holds, including organs, nerves, blood vessels, muscles, bones, and brain and spinal cord. We will examine fascia in the practice of Yin Yoga how it encourages an opening in the deeper fascial tissues, allowing freedom for movement of the deeper structures of the body, such as bones, ligaments, joint capsules, and tendons, which then provides more space for the surrounding tissues to rest and move more comfortably, thus reducing and preventing chronic pain.



The Power of the Water Snake: Kidneys and Bladder

February's Yin Monthly at East Side Yoga will examine and celebrate the Chinese New Year 2013 as a transition into the year of the Water Snake. Water is the element of the Kidney and Bladder meridians, as well as the organs and energy of winter. We will look at a balanced practice to strengthen the power of our inner wisdom and nourish our winter organs for optimal harmony in body, mind and spirit.

February 2nd, 2013 at East Side Yoga







Sunday, February 17th @Unity Yoga



Welcome into the New Year with the invoked power of Yin Yoga and Acupuncture. We will examine the nature of practice of energetic work and how they can work together to create a powerful internal shift.  Join Danielle Hoogenboom and Registered Acupuncturists for a workshop on theory, followed by yin yoga and community acupuncture. Uplift your spirits, balance  your energy and strengthen your sense of community while doing it!

Homemade Malas and Sacred Objects

Greetings, I am stoked to finally be sharing these images with you, and some of the sacred projects I have been working on . I have been making my own malas, or prayer beads for a few years. Its a special practice to set intentions, collect resources that empower what you are looking for in your life, (more fire, more balanced wood, clarity, etc) and then meditate on the ways in which you can combine these pieces to create something meaningFULL and powerFULL!


This making with my hands, the beauty of collecting, finding, receiving and reclaiming the materials has been a meditation in action. It calls my mind to come to its still centre, its place of power and the arena in which intention can infuse the pieces with strength and spirit. I take my power back with these handmade/homemade malas, I call back my strength and my abilities as an intuitive being, a natural mystic and capable of creating/ receiving/offering my own forms of spiritual medicine. Jai!



Malas, or Japa Malas are used for the repetition of mantras, prayers, or sacred words. The beads help keep count of the prayers, but more importantly offer a physical act (touching each bead for each word/prayer) that helps steady the mind and charge the centre bead/beads (often called the prayer bead) Mantra has been described to me as mind tool, a way to refine and sharpen this tool in  balanced way.   I also believe that malas can hold powerful intentions and strength because we infuse with this devotion and appreciation. I think of my malas kind of like a new age blankie ( you know, your sacred blanket as a wee one!). It calms, cools and reminds us of our own inner sanctuary and peace.

The natural progression of making myself charged and special malas for years, calling in and creating that I need in that moment is that I started to receive requests to make malas for others in my life.  This is where I am at now! I am making malas by request for friends and students, and also making, making, making and seeing whom they call to them.  Its been an amazing, meditative and creative practice that is both fuelling and nourishing, but also an important part of my own devotional yoga practice....gratitude!



The History and Meaning of Prayer Beads  (from the museum of anthropology website)

Over two-thirds of the world's population employ prayer beads as part of their religious practices. Prayer beads have a variety of forms and meanings, but the basic purpose is the same: to assist the worshiper in reciting and counting specific prayers or incantations. Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism are the major religions that use prayer beads in important ritualistic roles.

Beads have long been linked with the act of prayer. The English word bead is derived from the Anglo-Saxon words bidden ("to pray") and bede ("prayer"). The use of beads in prayer appears to have originated with Hindu religious practices in India , possibly around the 8th century B.C.E. Buddhism, which developed from a sect of Hinduism, retained the use of prayer beads as it became established in China, Korea, Japan, and Tibet. It is thought that Islam adopted prayer beads through contact with Buddhism and Hinduism. Prayer beads, in the form of the Catholic rosary, were common throughout Europe by the late Middle Ages

Hindu and Buddhist Mala

Hinduism, one of the oldest living religions, is the major religion of the Indian subcontinent. The two main branches of modern Hinduism—Shaivism and Vishnuism—employ different types of prayer beads, or mala. Shaivists, who are devotees of the god Siva, carry strings of 32 to 108 rudrakshabeads made from the seeds of a tree unique to the island of Java in Indonesia. These rough seeds represent the difficult and rigid life required of the worshippers of Siva. Each seed is segmented into five sections, which represent the five faces and personalities of Siva. Vishnu mala consist of carved wooden beads from the sacred basil shrub, or tulsi, and are usually found in strands of 108.

Buddhist mala also typically consist of strands of 108 beads, reflecting the religion's historical connection to Hinduism. In Buddhism, the 108 beads represent the impurities or lies that one must overcome in order to reach Nirvana. Most monks wear 108 beads for use in counteracting their 108 impurities, whereas lay people tend to wear only 30 or 40 beads. The difference in the number of beads used is a result of the spiritual differences in what different people must overcome or how far they have come on the path to enlightenment. Buddhist prayer beads have traditionally been made from the wood or seeds of the sacred Bodhi tree. As Buddhism spread throughout China, Korea, Japan, and Tibet, it was influenced by the various cultures of those areas and a number of new materials such as bone, amber, and semi-precious stones began to be used for prayer beads.


Traditionally, a mala or string of prayer beads composes of 108 beads. There are a pile of reasons why 108 is the number (traditionally its 108 beads for Buddhist and Hindus Malas) Below is a list  by Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati of why 108 is a sacred number from this website

9 times 12: Both of these numbers have been said to have spiritual significance in many traditions. 9 times 12 is 108. Also, 1 plus 8 equals 9. That 9 times 12 equals 108.

Powers of 1, 2, and 3 in math: 1 to 1st power=1; 2 to 2nd power=4 (2x2); 3 to 3rd power=27 (3x3x3). 1x4x27=108

Harshad number: 108 is a Harshad number, which is an integer divisible by the sum of its digits (Harshad is from Sanskrit, and means "great joy")

Desires: There are said to be 108 earthly desires in mortals.

Lies: There are said to be 108 lies that humans tell.

Delusions: There are said to be 108 human delusions or forms of ignorance.

Heart Chakra: The chakras are the intersections of energy lines, and there are said to be a total of 108 energy lines converging to form the heart chakra. One of them, sushumna leads to the crown chakra, and is said to be the path to Self-realization.

Sanskrit alphabet: There are 54 letters in the Sanskrit alphabet. Each has masculine and feminine, shiva and shakti. 54 times 2 is 108.

Pranayama: If one is able to be so calm in meditation as to have only 108 breaths in a day, enlightenment will come.

Upanishads: Some say there are 108 Upanishads, texts of the wisdom of the ancient sages.

Sri Yantra: On the Sri Yantra there are marmas where three lines intersect, and there are 54 such intersections. Each intersections has masculine and feminine, shiva and shakti qualities. 54 times 2 equals 108. Thus, there are 108 points that define the Sri Yantra as well as the human body.

Pentagon: The angle formed by two adjacent lines in a pentagon equals 108 degrees.

Marmas: Marmas or marmasthanas are like energy intersections called chakras, except have fewer energy lines converging to form them. There are said to be 108 marmas in the subtle body.

Time: Some say there are 108 feelings, with 36 related to the past, 36 related to the present, and 36 related to the future.

8 extra beads: In doing a practice of counting the number of repetitions of the mala, 100 are counted as completed. The remaining are said to cover errors or omissions. The 8 are also said to be an offering to God and Guru.

Chemistry: Interestingly, there are about 115 elements known on the periodic table of the elements. Most of those, around or higher than the number 100 only exist in the laboratory, and some for only thousandths of a second. The number that naturally exist on Earth is around 100.

Astrology: There are 12 constellations, and 9 arc segments called namshas or chandrakalas. 9 times 12 equals 108. Chandra is moon, and kalas are the divisions within a whole.

River Ganga: The sacred River Ganga spans a longitude of 12 degrees (79 to 91), and a latitude of 9 degrees (22 to 31). 12 times 9 equals 108.

Planets and Houses: In astrology, there are 12 houses and 9 planets. 12 times 9 equals 108.

Goddess names: There are said to be 108 Indian goddess names.

Gopis of Krishna: In the Krishna tradition, there were said to be 108 gopis or maid servants of Krishna.

1, 0, and 8: Some say that 1 stands for God or higher Truth, 0 stands for emptiness or completeness in spiritual practice, and 8 stands for infinity or eternity.

Sun and Earth: The diameter of the Sun is 108 times the diameter of the Earth. The distance from the Sun to the Earth is 108 times the diameter of the Sun.

Moon and Earth: The average distance of the Moon from the Earth is 108 times the diameter of the Moon.

Silver and the moon: In astrology, the metal silver is said to represent the moon. The atomic weight of silver is 108.

Numerical scale: The 1 of 108, and the 8 of 108, when added together equals 9, which is the number of the numerical scale, i.e. 1, 2, 3 ... 10, etc., where 0 is not a number.

Meditations: Some say there are 108 styles of meditation.

Breath: Tantra estimates the average number of breaths per day at 21,600, of which 10,800 are solar energy, and 10,800 are lunar energy. Multiplying 108 by 100 is 10,800. Multiplying 2 x 10,800 equals 21,600.

Paths to God: Some suggest that there are 108 paths to God.

Smaller divisions: The number 108 is divided, such as in half, third, quarter, or twelfth, so that some malas have 54, 36, 27, or 9 beads.

Hinduism: 108 is said to refer to the number of Hindu deities. Some say that each of the deities has 108 names.

Islam: The number 108 is used in Islam to refer to God.

Jain: In the Jain religion, 108 are the combined virtues of five categories of holy ones, including 12, 8, 36, 25, and 27 virtues respectively.

Sikh: The Sikh tradition has a mala of 108 knots tied in a string of wool, rather than beads.

Buddhism: Some Buddhists carve 108 small Buddhas on a walnut for good luck. Some ring a bell 108 times to celebrate a new year. There are said to be 108 virtues to cultivate and 108 defilements to avoid.

Chinese: The Chinese Buddhists and Taoists use a 108 bead mala, which is called su-chu, and has three dividing beads, so the mala is divided into three parts of 36 each. Chinese astrology says that there are 108 sacred stars.

Stages of the soul: Said that Atman, the human soul or center goes through 108 stages on the journey.

Meru: This is a larger bead, not part of the 108. It is not tied in the sequence of the other beads. It is the quiding bead, the one that marks the beginning and end of the mala.

Dance: There are 108 forms of dance in the Indian traditions.

Praiseworthy souls: There are 108 qualities of praiseworthy souls.

First man in space: The first manned space flight lasted 108 minutes, and was on April 12, 1961 by Yuri Gagarin, a Soviet cosmonaut.


December: Urban Yin Retreat in Vancouver

Friday, December 28 2:30-8:30pm and Saturday, December 29. 2:30-8:30pm

Unity Yoga 1672 10th Ave E 2nd floor Vancouver.

Join your yinnie friends for a cool yin snuggle in under a full moon to recharge, deepen your practice and spark curiosity. Take some time to honour the year your true self while you nourish your energy body and set powerful intentions for 2013. Detoxify the soul, deepen the breath and celebrate the power of yin.  We are blessed to also gather together for the last full moon of the 2012.  Part practice & part theory/study. Dress warm and bring a notebook. All levels. Catered dinner and snacks included from External Abundance. Come for both days or one.


Limited space.

register: danielle@lovelightyoga.com

Celebrate Uganda 2013

Calling all passionate, engaged, and creative people to join the Celebrate Uganda 2013 team and travel with us to Uganda in January of 2013  

Join The Shanti Uganda Society on an inspired journey of a lifetime. Collectively raise funds to contribute to the health and empowerment of Ugandan women and then join your Celebrate Uganda 2013 team to embark on a 10-day journey into the heart and soul of The Shanti Uganda Society.
I am so honoured and very excited to share this fundraising adventure with you.  Learn about Uganda and Shanti Uganda, build community, learn fundraising skills as you find your voice around this wonderful cause. Commit to raising $5000 to support their birthing centre, community garden, teen girl empowerment program, prenatal yoga classes and their women's generating income group. Then celebrate and experience Uganda firsthand and make some heart to heart connections.  Move into your growing edge and develop strong leadership skills and learn humbly what it means to be involved in the world. To open hearts and minds!