Advanced YIN Studies at Laughing Lotus SF

Lotus Yin Discovery with Danielle Hoogenboom

May 4th and 5th

Laughing Lotus in SF


Dates: Sat. May 4th & Sun. May 5th Times: 1-6pm Cost: $199 (20% off for Lotus Grads)

Welcome to quieter side of Yoga ! In this 10 hour Yin Yoga Intensive you will learn to deepen your practice and understanding of the benefits and practice of Yin Yoga which creates physical, mental and emotional space thru the balance of opposing forces to understand our selves on a deeper level to reveal the internal medicine we always carry. We will explore how Meridians (energy paths) and Chi (energy) effect our health and well being and how to modify Yin for our individual bodies and how to offer variations to our students. Learn the pathways and movement of this energy as a powerful source of personal medicine Physically, psychologically and emotionally.

This workshop will explore the origins and intentions of Yin as well as how fascia affects every inch of our bodies, both inside and out. Learn the intentions of creating a well rounded Yin practice as well as how to intrigue Yin poses into a dynamic asana class. Discover the deep power of this seated, long held practice. Dive into your breath, reconnect with your sweet and powerful self and create a nurturing and peaceful environment for relaxation, rejuvenation and bliss for your selves and others. For Teachers and all Interested Students.

Curriculum: * An Introduction to Yin Yoga * Anatomy of Fascia and Inner Flow * Skeletal Variations * Energy and the Elements * Teaching Methodology, Techniques & Practice * Incorporating Yin Yoga into all classes * Healing one on ones

About Danielle: Danielle Hoogenboom is a Vancouver, BC based yoga teacher, certified in Lotus Flow and Yin Yoga as well as workshop facilitator, artist, clothing designer, mala making, garden loving and socially involved Gemini. Her commitment to the practice of yoga from practical theory to the mystical; from seated yin yoga to fierce power, is one that aims to share the diverse healing yoga offers as a co-created tool for transformation, for both ourselves and our communities.

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