Celebrate Uganda 2013

Calling all passionate, engaged, and creative people to join the Celebrate Uganda 2013 team and travel with us to Uganda in January of 2013  

Join The Shanti Uganda Society on an inspired journey of a lifetime. Collectively raise funds to contribute to the health and empowerment of Ugandan women and then join your Celebrate Uganda 2013 team to embark on a 10-day journey into the heart and soul of The Shanti Uganda Society.
I am so honoured and very excited to share this fundraising adventure with you.  Learn about Uganda and Shanti Uganda, build community, learn fundraising skills as you find your voice around this wonderful cause. Commit to raising $5000 to support their birthing centre, community garden, teen girl empowerment program, prenatal yoga classes and their women's generating income group. Then celebrate and experience Uganda firsthand and make some heart to heart connections.  Move into your growing edge and develop strong leadership skills and learn humbly what it means to be involved in the world. To open hearts and minds!