“Yoga and reggae are two of the utmost conscious practices—put them together and you’ve got a powerful force.”


Vancouver Now Has Reggae Yoga Classes. doyouyoga.com


Using a combination of Vinyasa and Yin yoga—a softer, more passive type of yoga in which the poses are held for several minutes—reggae yoga is designed to be uplifting and positive.  Our next event on Jan 8th, 2018  is a special edition for Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica.    This amazing project in Jamaica focuses on waste management and education with active creative programs and campaigns across the country. You can get tickets here and follow the event page here. 


The classes begin with flowing, dynamic Vinyasa poses, then transition into slower Yin poses, with a break in the middle for a reggae dance party. During reggae yoga, participants are encouraged to break the “rules” of yoga, including the traditional rule of silence.

“It’s more about the feeling and the energy,” said Hoogenboom to the Province. “You want to leave here feeling positive and strong, not with your (butt) kicked and tired.”

Reggae’s generally slow tempo, heavy bass, and offbeat rhythms should appeal to yogis who like relaxing music with their practice; at the same time, reggae is definitely a little more lively than the type of music usually played in traditional yoga classes, providing interest for those who like a more “energetic” practice.