We thought of this mock project about 6 years ago in a reaction to all the New Year's January  '30 Day Yoga Challenge '   We launched a challenge of 'Plastic Free Yogi' to go 30 days without creating any single use plastic waste. I mean... learning to stand on your hands is great and fancy....but if you are carrying a take out drink every day in that hand and making plastic waste (don't say you recycle...where does that go even?), I think one really needs to have a deeper look at what it means to live a yogi life.  We wrote a new Mantra for you. Try it with ME: NO CUP, NO DRINK. My kind of chant. 

In Jamaica in 2017 we did an amazing 14 day project. We started cleaning up the beach and cliffs where you were staying, as there was SO much waste there. EVERY day it rolled in. It was heartbreaking, but we also didn't want to hide it or avoid it. So we made art with it. We sorted it by colour and made mandalas. It was a sight to see for sure.  Looking forward to being back in that area for a few months this time and working on projects that I will be posting on my new creative account

Lot of great things in the work with Plastic Free Yogi. Soon you can download the poster to put up at your yoga studio, start to check out better options for the things you love to consume and encourage your places and studios to have a deeper and better look into who they can LIVE in alignment. Break up with plastic, get involved with policy. and vote with your dollars. SAY not to STRAWS. Buy in bulk, and start to ask more questions and demand better answers. I believe in YOU!  We are always looking to add to your team, so send a note to get YINVOLVED!