Yin and Essential Oil SALES and a little YINNOUNCEMENT

Stoked to have been studying and collaborating with the Jamaica Essential Oil Distillation Project for the last 6 months. I thought I had a love and appreciation for aromatherapy and plant medicine before...but now that I have spent so many hours in the distillery prepping plant materials, studying and smelling and watching the magic that is distillation and seeing the amount of work that goes into preparation....I can serious ever look at oils again and feel that same way! 

We were really into whole plant and whole time distillation, which is quite different from commercial distillers that take the first push of oils...and other times cutting with non plant products. Taking time to see all the different oils and layers has give me nose some serious training! To smell the initial scent and all the under tones is such a gift. Its a blessing and a curse, as my nose has gotten so sensitive! I already have an YINTOLERANCE for artificial  and chemical scents. BUT this is taking it to a whole new level. 

Stoked to be vending some oils at the Con'cu Market in St. Ann, Jamaica on July 8th and True Self in Kingston on July 11th. I will also be bringing oils back and sending some small orders out to friends. Send a note to place an order for small batch Jamaican Essential oils and would love to share with you. We are prepping a little medicine travel kit and would LOVE to get more knowledge out to the world with plant medicines. I hope you can join us in Jamaica in March 2019 for Yin and Oils Teacher Training. We are only taking 9 people, so send me a note to save a space and the date!