Plastic Free Yogi: Small efforts make a big impact


  • Carry a big bag/purse/backpack!  I always have a huge purse so that  I am always ready for any surprise find, or a sudden grocery stop, a markets farmer or a wild forage find.  Check out the mushroom section for paper bags in grocery stores,  I use these for bulk foods as well if I forget or run out of my own. Encourage your grocer to stock more paper products.

  • Always carry a mason jar, or TWO! Its great for water, tea, left overs,  take out and bulk shopping.

  • Carry your own cutlery and say NO to straws ALL the time. Tell your friends to say no to straws. Even write your fav restaurant and encourage them to stop using straws. Really, ask why does know need a straw? Love them? Get a metal or glass one at Soap Dispensary and carry it around. All cool like.  

  • Have a  new mantra/chant: No CUP, NO drink. Its EASY...if you love your cafe drinks and stick to this mantra, you eventually ALWAYS remember. SEE. Yoga in Practice. Practice makes perfect when you stick to NO CUP, NO DRINK. If you can train a puppy to do cute tricks you can retrain your habits too.

  • Eat in season, shop at the farmers market and buy local. Stock up on squash, carrots, potatoes and things to roast, fry or soup.  Eat natural foods and cook at home. All of the convience of packaged food and take out is only easy for YOU...its SUPER hard on the plant.

  • BULK! We refill our dish soap, laundry soap, cleaning supplies and buy jumbo boxes of TP that have no plastic! YEAH. Its money up front, but its actually cheaper and super cool to only think about it about every 3 months. We rock this at Soap Dispensary in Vancouver mostly.

  • SAY NO!  I want those organic potatoes...but they are in a plastic bag...hmm, walk 8 blocks to the organic bulk place! Want something, but keep seeing and then buying the opposite? Don’t support it! Your dollars vote.  Make requests at your local market to shift their waste practices and buy things as plastic free as possible..or GASSPP, go WITHOUT!

  • Bulk beauty! Soap Dispensary in Vancouver has bulk natural toothpaste. I use coconut oil as an everything moisturizer, I don’t wear deorants, but sometimes essential oils in my pits. I am realllly into clay masks, you can give that in block both at SP and Quiddittas on the Drive. I use either bulk Dr. Bronners or I have many friends that make amazing bar soap at home. YEAH. The bulk toothpaste there is so so good.

  • MAKE IT! Want hummous? Buy dried chick peas, soak over night and then crockpot. Add fresh lemons, loose garlic and some bulk refilled oil and BOOM. Hummous in bulk...waste free and cheaper! LOVE Kombucha...make it! Like peanut butter...invest in a blender and bulk buy those nuts. Stop making excuses and get creative. I know you can. You really CAN.

  • DIVA CUP and Lunapads, so excellent and a life epic….shy? CHAT with me. I am such an adovacte for these things and really believe your moon should be as natural as possible and def not making waste in the world. Pretty much all my sisterfriends use these products and all of them say they will never go back. TRY. Small steps, new spaces and places.

  • Change your chips? You gotta get into bulk popcorn that you pop and add lots of salt! Yum, I love a triple dose of nutritional yeast on there too. BOOM. Pretty close to the chip family and way cheaper! I get mine at Eternal Abundance or so many bulk food places love the corn.  LOVE a certain candy in a wrapper...learn to shift your snack needs and love another food.   Love a certain tea...see if they have it in bulk in another place or better yet. GROW it. I grow enough mint for the year.

  • RELAX. It’s IMPOSSIBLE to be totally plastic free, so relax the stress and do your best. This is a world that is build on waste and  we need to shift those patterns and make new plans, products and get creative.. Start to see it and make it happen as you can. Any effort and attempt will make an impact...and once you start, the easier it can get. Martin Luther King said you have to take the first step before you even see the whole staircase.