I REALLLLY don’t like shopping.

I don’t need things. I HAVE so so many things, things that have been gifted to me, left in our community home, found in free boxes, rescued from thrift stores that have simply appeared in our temple home. But really tho, do you think about your stuff, who made it, where did it come from? If you have ever spend time in my home I know your eye wanders around all the garage finds and many alters, gifted crystals, found beads, textiles from around the world, worldly travels in small objects Mason jars filled with home grown herbs, art supplies bulk donated from old art school friends. STUFFF. I love the stuff, I love...but it’s not necessary. And in this time of year, all I think about is the source of the things, the places of consumption. The powers that make the stuff! The businesses that benefit from the stuff and what they do with their funds and how it affects this world. I think we are so disconnected to the process of things that we forget only where they come from…. but also where they will end up!

This time of year, peeps are alllllways feeling the need to get things for people. Why? When do we say enough is enough?  I encourage you to YIN this season and mellow on the consumption in all forms and simplify presents, diets and output. IF you feel the need to out, let me suggest a few of my favourite Vancouver offerings.  Don’t be afraid to say, lets not buy things! Or just don’t...cause any great cause or shift in the world has a fearless and bold leader that took a step or made a sound that was different. BE this. Its worth it, in fact...if there is a call for change deep in you...its the gift you have to dig out and offer up to the WHOLE world. You can. Start now and vote with your dollars in conscious ways if you must!


I encourage you to support the veggie restaurants, they all have gift certificates and food is an excellent gift to give.  If you know me you know I LOVE, like LOVE Bandidas. Oh swoon, the menu is perfect (you can vegan ALL OF IT), the business ethics are RAD and the radical women that run this are some ladyboss idols of mine with great vision and excellent community building. Thank YOU. I serious would not have suffered many years of full time teaching all over this city without that Ronny Russell burrito.


And hey, LADY BOSSES, another powerful sister in the world, Madeleine Shaw is one of the super shero behind Lunapads. Her business, worldly efforts and big dreams are all female power centered with a perfect dash of revolution for dessert. LOOK out, so many great things brewing with her and the teams behind Lunapads and G day for Girls.  I am a SUPER fan of Lunapads and Diva Cups. I have been waste free period goddess for about seven years and I would never look back. I can’t believe there is even a disposable industry in relationship to menstruation.  Interested in learning about cups? I have wanted to run a workshop on this for so many years….would you come to this?


For many years I have been an ambassador for the ever epic Shanti Uganda. I love this vision and dream and I LOVE the textiles that are created in their women’s generating income project.  Yoga mat bags, sling bags, totes, laptop bags and beads. I have a handful of colours right now and there is a selection of them at Stretch in Vancouver right now with my LLY yoga line.

Have a peep at my clothing line here. Love Light Yoga. Made in East Van, bamboo and organic cotton and made for so many different body types. YEAH to baggy and comfy clothes. I have been making these for the last seven years and started as just a dream to have cool, comfy and ethical clothes, both to teach, dance and hustle in.  Patterns for real bodies, the best fabrics you will ever feel and all cycles and parts from small local East Van businesses.  You can peep my props and some of the calabash I brought back from Jamaica at Dharma Temple on Main Street, and also my clothing is on display at Stretch in Chinatown. Peak and let me know what you think!


East Van Roasters! I LOVEEE this cafe and chocolate making place. They have sipping coco, the best ethical bars, coffee gifts for your friends and are amazing business model that supports the community and creates low barrier jobs. The selection of chocolate is divine and you can peak into the bar and bean rooms. What sweet joys. Stay tuned for our co-labs brewing up.


Eternal Abundance! One of my FAV places on The Drive. It’s a vegan deli and grocer, its plastic free and so RAD. My friend Alex’s store is so great, please check it out especially for the super foods, powders and spices in glass jars. OH the SIGH, I love anything natural in a glass jars all lined up. It’s important to rock out added super foods and spices in these times. Think useful and regular if you have to get a gift...I would drool over jars of excellence, as my future healthy self would be so stoked.


Soap Dispensary!! I can’t highly enough of this super shop and so stoked that have continued to grow and expand. IF you know you me, you know I am big advocate of waste free living and this shop makes it so possible. We group buy as a house here and they carry every single size container, jar and tin you can think of….these kinds of stores are my dream spaces and places. Thank you for the visionaries that make them! HEY, get aboard our Plastic Free Yogi efforts this year. Share up your thoughts and tricks for the radness of making a waste free efforts in your life and world.


Sponsor something/someone badass. WE have a scholarship fund for support Jamaican yoga teachers to take our Social Justice training, we have SO many applications this year, your donation would make a big difference You can donate to any chose cause that fills your heart. I would suggest reading about Sacred Trust here or buy from a local makers like my friend Andi.


I know loads of my friends do really bad ass things...in fact, we are hosting a pop up shop in Vancouver to host some local makers.....would you be down? I think as a community we can re imagine what it means to make, gift and gather. Love to hear about your favourite places and things that are important to you in these times. You don’t need to shop or create waste getting wasteful things. Think creatively and community based. BLESSINGS