Yin + Social Justice Week 1

Week one of Yin + Social Justice in Jamaica has been full and blessed!

Our training begins each morning with Yin yoga on the beach: Long holds and floating Shavasana in the turquoise blue sea. Taking the time out of our daily lives (super Yang - running, working, busy) to slow down and settle into a Yin state has been healing and opening, allowing deep reflection on what is truly important.

We have also been blessed with the presence of many honoured visitors, team members, co-teachers and guests!

Dia Penning of World Trust who is walking us gently through an important social justice leadership training. Her workshop entitled “Cracking the Codes: The System of Racial Inequality” is just two days in and already we can feel our hearts and minds opening wider, tapping into a collective consciousness around these critical issues. We are learning how to both recognize and respond to racial inequity and privilege in our daily lives, and how to sit with and move through these challenges.

To fit in with our Yin + Social Justice theme, Shane (aka Eyeball) and Sabuki, founders of Life Yard - Jamaica’s first eco village, presented their work and mission to improve the lives of children and youth in Kingston through hands on making and the blessed art of growing food. Inspired by backyard farms, these two young men acquired a space on Fleet Street and built a network of believers and artists to rejuvenate the community through art and nature. Shane and Sabuki are also attending the teacher training sessions, with the goal of setting up a yoga program in the Life Yard space. Full circle of sharing and inspiration!

On the topic of food justice, our friend Kukua Abba, author of JA Herbs, led us on a blissful walk through the jungle, identifying, harvesting and sampling the many medicinal and edible treasures of bountiful mother Earth. Daily Ital meals, meaning vegan, organic and from the Earth, are prepared lovingly by chef and fashion designer Iya, owner of Iya Wear. Meals fall silent as we are in awe of the flavours nourishing our bodies from the inside out. We have tea queen Nadya Dee of Iyashi Herbs also visiting, sharing her herbal teas with us. Relying on Earth provisions for our daily nutrition has been a blessed experience and we can all feel our bodies saying THANK YOU!!

We’ve also got Jesi Carson Designs on site documenting in film, photo, audio and 360!! Check out this Facebook album for more photos of week 1, and stay tuned for some epic 360 production and reasoning podcasts! 

Plus, yoga teacher and musician Jason Worton is here and offering teachings and music to accompany our yin training experience. Jason will also be joining us for the Yin Rest + Reset retreat coming up March 3-5th - bookings available, get in touch for details!

Can’t wait for week two!