Yin and Acupuncture in Vancouver.

I am very grateful and excitement to be working again with my collaboration co-teacher Ryan Thompson. We used to teach yin and acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine workshops together back in the day in Vancouver and I also hosted him for a special Meridians and Yin retreat in Jamaica a few years back. Ryan recently returned to school and his been rocking the adaptation of his badass work. Check out his bio:

Ryan is a registered Acupuncturist, and Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner. He has worked in private practice for over 13 years, which includes several trips to teach and support impoverished communities in India, Guatemala, and the Dominican Republic. 

Recently, Ryan has graduated as a registered Psychiatric Nurse to supplement his work in the Downtown East Side of Vancouver where he has worked in supportive housing projects, homeless shelters, and supervised injection sites. 

He has always been socially active in his practice and outreach and its SUPER rad that after his committed studies focus, he has time to return to come yin offerings. We are hosting a special four part series of community acupuncture and yin yoga where you can join one, a few or all of them. Information is here and ticket links are here.