Please Become a Patreon of Mine

I am excited and nervous to be crafting another way in which I interact with my community, moving my works into the digital and audio realm. I am also making fine art projects that are going to be copied and mailed out as well. This platform will bridge my work as a yoga educator, artist and activist. I am really excited to be crafting these parts and pieces for my peeps and would LOVE to hear what yin parts you are looking for. 

Thank you for supporting my offerings over these last 10 years of teaching yoga...its been a joy pleasure and journey and I look forward to the works that are coming ahead. 

You can check out my Patreon page here. If that is not your jam, but you would love to contribute a gift towards the LLY work, you can also send a PayPal or Money Transfer to 

Love, Blessings and Yin Vibes to you.