Plastic Free YOGI!


Danielle was interviewed for this great article about Vancouver's 'bring your own container' pilot program. Check it out here

Dear Sweet Lovers of all Things Delicious. It is really and truly a time for a dramatic change to be made in the ways that we prepare and consume the things we eat. I have a super challenge for YOU! Ready?? I think you can totally shift the way you interact with your own kitchen and just takes some practice! If we get the lessons of patience and courage, truth and boldness in our confidence to participate in change...then we can surely start to be waste free in our meals! Because I personally have a plant based diet and prefer to know eat from places that have animal products in their kitchens, it really required me to get serious about my meal prep. Which also means planning and shopping in advance (also wastefree!), so not only does it also ensure that I have food, it also lowers the cost. When I do chose to or have to have meals on the road, I am always bringing my container, looking for stay in and wastfree options or finding places that can modify their packaging to meet your values. I feel very blessed to live in Vancouver with some many options and rad places, and great food spots in my neighbour that use compostable containers that I add to your massive worm bin. I know its not possible in this current state of the world to be totally waste free.....but there is the thing...... if you set the goal of being wastefree, and make SOME are already doing a super job. I feel like that is a lot like yoga, in the way that we have a vision or ideal and we take the slow and mindful, comfortable pattern changing steps to move forward and carve a new way.  Wishing you MEGA luck in your ways of small changes that have MAJOR impact...let the yin power be with you. 

In LOVE and SNACKS, Danielle.