Jamaica Essential Oil Distillation Project

Check out this amazing website filled with information from my friends rocking this project at Yerba Buena Farms and their newest community offering called The Jamaica Essential Oil Distillation Project.  I am VERY excited to be hosting our six part yin yoga retreat series at this farm on the sea. It was an honour and privilege to learn about distillation and help prep so many natural wonders last year. I spent nearly two months with Agape and her family and I feel so blessed to have been healing and learning more. This year we are excited to collect, learn and distill with our yoga crew as both an opportunity to grow our knowledge and heal ourselves. 

From the about section of their website:

We are surrounded with aromatic plants here in Jamaica.  We have plants whose oils are sold commercially, such as cinnamon, pimento, orange peel, bay and more.  And we have lower-yield oil plants that are still immensely valuable because of how medicinal and interesting they are.  What we don’t have is easy access to learning about how to transform the sea of aromatic plant material around us into essential oils that can be used in our products, as medicine in our homes, or even just for sale.

Imagine that a farmer who has fevergrass plants all around his yard, a few cinnamon trees, a patch of french thyme and some bang grass roots lining the roadside, can turn these raw materials into valuable oils for sale.  Any of us can get some cedar sawdust from a saw man, gather pimento leaves left over from pimento harvest, and even get orange peels from people who sell peeled oranges in a big town.  All of these materials would be wasted if we didn’t gather them, and all of them produce large amounts of valuable essential oils.

SO EXCITED to be returning to the farm again this year to deepen on my personal practice to medicine making and natural lifestyle. This years Yin Yoga Retreat have the educational focus on skill and knowledge to natural living and linked with poses. Self Care vibes are UP, as we will be making oils, tinctures, tonics, salves and more. Come and join us for one or some of our new moon offerings from January to June at this amazing seaside farm in Jamaica!  More info here.