Inner Education: Yin in Action.

Inner Education

How do we become our highest and most inspired self?

Inner greatness is embedded within us. It is most is inspired and revealed in the great work of hunting out places that hold patterns and tensions that hold our potential for greatness. We need to spend time in places we are inspired, nurtured and seen. We need to spend time in ourselves and with ourselves to call up and back the selves we have lost over the years.

Inner Education: Yin in action.

I am so stoked about the international group of yinnies joining us for a Yin Studies experience. This virtual offering was a mentorship component, and online teacher training as well as continuing education items. I am very excited to be developing this creative education with my team making it an accessible and individualized education and personal growth program. This yin offering is my newest edition of the Love Light Yoga offerings. It’s a way to fulfill the needs and requests to make continuing education more accessible, more potent and to inspire collaborative efforts with those I have worked with for many years.

It’s a joy to continue the work with students and witness their changes.  We share our stories and our collaborations within the yin movement. I LOVE the interactive qualities of this program: a part of continuing education, a part mentorship with a side of coaching, and lots of teacher training modules.

Did I mention that I am a total education nerd?

After I completed my university studies, I spent two years teaching high school in France. I have always loved school and learning. The transmission of knowledge is so exciting. Teaching yoga for nearly a decade has really sparked my deep love for evolution of education and continuing to expand and layer knowledge. The newest offering in the LLY world is a combined offering of my favourite things: Yoga, Education and Creative Expression.  I have spent a lot of my creative contemplation time in discovering what does it mean to really good at great education.

Thank for you all for the support and sweet words over the hours to continue, within the insanity of the growing yoga world, and the challenge of running a solo business for 8 years. I give endless thanks to all the angels of support that make these things possible.

It’s a joy and a blessing to be living this dream with you—always dreaming bigger—and calling out to see how I can serve effectively. I look forward to hearing from you.  The application and information for the online training is here