Essential Oil Distillation


Essential Oil and Natural Medicines

I am SO excited for this series of Yin Retreats in Jamaica. I have been working with my friends at The Jamaica Essential Oil Distillation Project since I learned about it with them last year.  If you know the West Coast version of me, I LOVE to plant, collect, create and dream up more and more ways that the natural world and her medicines can make an impact on our lives and health.  I have LOVED essentials for oils and never travel without a little kit of oils. My favourites for health and medicines are: lavender, tea tree and citronella and a great blend sometimes called Thieves Oil. 

What oils do you love and use?

The biggest joy of co-creating with JEODP is learning about so many different types of oils that can be produced in Jamaica. One the amazing things about essential oils is that different natural matter produces different oils. Some are the flowers, some bark, some roots, some branches, fruit peels and things in between. The most exciting part is the experimental parts of how much oil it will produce and what will the scent be like. Its a never ending game of scented beauty. I don’t my nose as worked so hard before, but its a great joy to see the abundance of possibilities  in the natural world. 

I hope you can join us on one of retreats this season. We will be distilling oils, making medicines and spending lots of time outside. Yin and Natural Medicines is calling you. Join us for a special workshop series or book a private session or weekend retreat.  More info here.