Bend The VOTE: Yoga Votes!


Hey Yogis!

This is a call to action to the yoga community. Vote, vote together. Bend the VOTE. Put the yoga into action and lets make the best decisions to create the greatest change. This is a call to teachers to include in their intentions and themes a reminder to vote, and a reminder to check to see all is well with registration. Check here!  Lets talk about voting in the studios, lets gather our yoga friends and go and vote together. Vote together while drinking a kombucha on your way to class. And hey studio owners and managers, maybe you could help Bend the VOTE by offering up a discount or free class to those that have voted in a grow of 5 or more? Or vote and come and join Tank Gyal and me at Fortune on October 19th for Revolution themed  Reggae Yoga: Sound Salutations. Boom. We will celebrating the fall of the Harper Regime together for certain, so get your yoga selves out to the election polls. And engage your community. Talk to your neighbours, bring vegan gluten free cookies to volunteer door knockers in the swing ridings. Check out your resources like Vote Together, make a mantra for political change, chant VOTTTTEEEEEEE instead of OM until the 20th. 

Bend the VOTE.  Not voting is really a vote for Harper. Remember...its not always what we do that  counts....what we don't do counts often more, we yogis know this! 

I would love to hear your thoughts? I was surprised to find out how many of my fellow leaders in the yoga community don't vote cause they don't believe in the system.  Agreed, I live and abide outside mainstream as much as I can...but last  I checked we are all in this planet together and living in the systems. Lets bend those systems and shape shift the ways things have been going. 

Bend the Vote!