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Yin + Social Justice | St Mary, Jamaica

Join us for an educational retreat in St Mary, Jamaica featuring a balance of rest, adventure, knowledge sharing and transformation all fuelled by a natural and local plant based diet. Dia and Danielle are combining forces for revolutionary examination of structure and form, both in energetics of yin yoga as an examination of the world and how energy is effected by our actions and intentions. 

Navigating our changing world and incorporating ideas around equity and social justice can be challenging. Like yoga, it requires practice and challenging long-held habits. By bringing our yoga practices into our lives and communities we are better able to examine the structures and attitudes that keep inequity in place. During this 14 day intensive we will parallel how focusing on energy meridians and changes made to our physical bodies can serve as a microcosm for energy changes in our communities, showing that small tweaks, the expansion of attention and changes in behavior create vast changes interpersonal relationships, community interaction and larger social structures.

So often we look at collaboration in terms of making others understand us. What if we stopped to understand where others were coming from? In yoga and social justice the intent is to change habitual patterns. Change your patterns of bias and privilege by practicing with a likeminded group of people that are curious about shifting perspectives, forms, and examining structures and habits. Working in collaboration with elders and activists we will explore the links between energy, meridians, social change and paradigm shift, putting our yoga into action.

Exploring the idea of asana as a safe exploration of your intentions and inner energies. Are you moving from habit or systems that were created around you? Do you question these as truth within you, or are you willing to explore? What if the form was not important as the function? Taking this Yin Yoga metaphor and extending into teaching and leadership work, this training will begin with the frame work of the elements  exploring the relationship of long held beliefs to sensations in long held poses.  

Free the tension in your body and spirit. allowing the space to renew, refresh and see with new eyes. These shifts to have the capacity to impact actions in the world. Calling all rebels, leaders, healers, seekers and knowers. Let’s gather together to explore the complex, awkward, covert, and paradox as medicine for change.

Calling together yogis and activists to connect, collaborate,  and create a collective message Calling for equity, empowerment, healing self-study and long range sustainability. 


February 16 - March 2, 2017

How to Apply:

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Workshop Leaders:

Director of Curriculum & Education, World Trust

Dia dances in the intersections of art, yoga, and social justice. A yoga practitioner for over 20 years, she discovered her love of yoga through a book she checked out from a local library. Dia supports students in slowing down, examining limiting patterns, and exploring creativity. She views yoga as a tool for social change, integrating it into her work as a social justice coach by encouraging a deep exploration of structural inequity through personal transformation and paradigm shift.

Dia is a connector of ideas, people, feelings, and thoughts. She is a mother, yogi, artist, activist, lover, teacher and student. She recognizes that her students share similarly complex identities and strives to meet them where they are at, every day.

Founder, Love Light Yoga

Danielle Hoogenboom founded Love Light Yoga as an expression of her yoga practice and creative interests both on and off the mat.  She is passionate aboutyin yoga and its ability to heal, change and transform ourselves and the world around us. Believing that all people are invited to the healing of yoga, Danielle teaches a diverse schedule of classes and workshops that range from the practical theory to the mystical and sacred parts of yoga. 

She is certified in Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Prenatal Yoga andVinyasa Lotus Flow.  She teaches in studios across Vancouver and often travels to teach aboard, share, celebrate and connect. She teaches Yin Yoga workshops worldwide sharing her passion for a gentle, steady practice.