Too Much Yang will Bang: Guest Blog by Aljah Mystic

Bless up the Yogi Brother Alijah Mystic that took part in our Yin and Justice Training in Jamaica in February 2017 and in March 2016 in Kingston. Check out this latest song inspired by the yin trainings and look out for his classes soon!  

Aljah Mystic: Check out this You Tube offerings and stay tuned for this yin inspired album. Soon come! 

Aljah Mystic: Check out this You Tube offerings and stay tuned for this yin inspired album. Soon come! 



Too much yang will bang I take my reference point from the yin and yang energy
That represents the balance between/of two main energy in the world ok I said main energy  so let me give some idea of how these two energies or represented 

We have hot and cold 

                 In and out

                 Up and down

            Left and right 

I we were to make a song or poem  out of these power words it would go like this. We must be in and out flow left and right getting  hot and cold as we go up and down releasing  energy that makes the globe goes round and round ever yining and yangING to the sweet music of life. halo Jah 

That would be if the song was so in the world that we are living in to day the mines of most of the people and mainly world leaders,act on only one energy and that in my view is the yang energy . Please don't yang at me yet for my accusations am just here to open a new site the sight of balance  vision

    Let us bring back the energy words back instead of using the conjunction and we will use or with the or as the middle word you get the feeling that you are doing one or the other and if you are doing one or the other you are not balance  things are not equal you are inefficient etc etc

We are living in a world that believes in dominance we will all most for sure activate our most dominant energy at the time all the time without any thinking of balance or is this the right energy for this moment 

         This is the song that we are singing .I must be hot or cold in or out Up or down Left or right as long as I continue to live. What a boring song there is no dance no music such ego one or the other the best one that serves my purpose so much yang no blance and this is the way people are living today they think mainly about individual dominance and that's where the yang energy is very high


I spoke about yin and yang,now I will talk about one way they are represented as energy bodies around us. We will use a tree for example,the outside of the tree could be the yang side and the inside could be the yin side within those moments of representations the yang would represent out for out spoken outgoing etc and the yin would represent in for inner strength inner talent what I can do from within like within the tree lies countless art work halo Jah.keep your mind on the tree let's look at it from a different angle look at the inner core of the tree that is known as the heart of the tree we find the yang energy and on the out side of the tree you find the yin energy now you might be saying how is the inside yang and the out side yin and you just said that yang is outside and yin is inside,remember I also said  within those moments of representations and within those moments yin and yang was representing in and out and within these moments yin and yang is represented in the manner of Wich part is harder and Wich part is softer and the inside is harder representing the yangenergy and the outer part of the tree that is softer  is the representing yin energy do note that some trees are harder on the outside  and softer on the inside yin and yang dances again we rest on yin and yang for now and talk about  world leaders I say that they are full of yang energy and I need to explain

      Lets take a moment to think then I ask the question how do we select a leader of most group,organization,companies etc.I wonder if we took a moment to think before we say in yang mode who is the toughest of us all (yang) who is the most outspoken the best the baddest,fastest roughest strongest biggest etc lets face it in most cases that how most leaders are selected 

   Mantra of the yang leader

I am the biggest am the baddest 

am the toughest am the fastest 

am the roughest am the strongest

Am better than the rest I could care

Less am the best you can't test 

I win all contest  yang yang yang

  I would say yang where is Yin in your fight to be the king you have only task her in the bin,yang would say so what if am bigger badder etc We are living in a competitive world yin moment take yin out the  bin who or what is the competition !!hey I said something!! Yang said something  yin said something yang would  say again I compete against all yin would say there is know  competition lets  put them together yin and yang the competition in within all let us all do our best yang is the competition that most be kept like the tough yangheart of the tree lies within the soft yin barks of a tree ,and if we most be yangon the out side because the sun warm in our face we most all remain cool as the inside of the tree remains cool knowing that there is always the support of the Forrest. yin on the inside yang on the outside, yang on the outside yin on the inside in the everlasting dance of life .Its a dance not a race of life.I said race or races leaders or selected among races and sometimes world leaders and maybe because we think it's a race we think we need the yangest leader to lead and if every race pick and  yang leader to run its going to be yang on yang


Yin Warriors in Jamaica, 2017.