Plastic Free Yogi: Back to EARTH SCHOOL

plastic free yogi logo tree pose-06.jpg

HEY. SO I have a challenge for you? I really really need you to take an honest look at all the disposable plastic waste around you. When look in your fridge and have an eyes wide open look at the contents and its packaging. Peak in your garbage bin and go look really closely at the grocery store. We are wrapped in waste and choking on plastic. It's really time to get some better practices. I am really looking forward to calling in more community leaders to help support plastic free yogi and get this project in more movement. Want to get involved? Send me a note at and start encouraging your studios, workplace and homes to break up with plastic. Just say NO. 


LOVE these glass straws from my sisters at Simply Straws. They have gifted the last two Yin and Justice crew their awesome straws and encourage us to all get on board and #stopsucking. I would LOVE if you told your local restaurants and cafes that you would like to see no straws as as start to great changes. I am SUPER curious to get involved in policy change in Vancouver too this year. We are supposed to be aiming for the greenest city by 2020, but I see so much waste in your streets, so many businesses using styrofoam and just lots of talk. Where is the direct action and by-laws? Lets craft mega change today and gather our yogis for the great shift.