Earth Day Every Day / Plastic Free Challenge

I always think its funny that we call one day earth day....celebrating and acknowledging our Earth Mother on this one day...all days, every day, all days past, present and future are to live in honour and reverence for all she was provided and bowing at the ways we can defend and protect her.....I hope we look back on this time in life where we over consumed, over used, took advantage, got lazy, didn't participate in the change or rise up as the leaders are are meant to be.. and look back in tears and apologize for our youthful wastings, our inactions and our silences. I have a challenge to all. Live lightly always, each day. know all actions have reactions (you can't throw 'away' plastic you know) and the power of your intentions fused with conscious actions will for certain change the path. Live and leave the smallest material imprint and the biggest soul footprint. lets honour each other, our brothers and sisters of the earth..knowing small shifts have massive impacts in places we can not see. come and pray for the earth with me tonight at One Yoga for the People Vancouver. Beats and Bhav, Reggae Edition. Unity in the Community! OM . Plastic Free Yogi is a challenge to make no no no no new plastic waste. you can do! its uncomfy at times..but make changes, modify and celebrate discomfort as the inspiration for change! BOOM