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Yin and Social Justice 200 Hour in California

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Join us for Balance, Leadership, and Liberation, a 200 hour Yin Yoga training in Alameda California, July 29-August 23, 2019, hosted at Leela Yoga Alameda.

This training is a collaboration between Love Light Yoga and The Equity Collective. Founders Danielle and Dia have joined forces to explore the overlaps and intersections between the physical tension, the subtle body, inner transformation and systems of power. Expanding on 5 years of collaboration and curriculum development, they will support participants in a deep dive of interconnection. Led in collaboration with a stellar team of yogis, participants will explore balance in process, leadership in life, and the practice of liberation. This training is an opportunity to embody transformation, physically and socially. It is a space to experience yoga practice and philosophy, both, on and off the mat.

Leela Yoga Alameda is in gorgeous San Francisco Bay and privileges community over personality with a commitment to approaching yoga as a life practice. Founder, Beth Zygelbaum is a master teacher who focused on the female pelvis and yoga for both pre and postnatal bodies.

In addition to Beth, Melanie Green, Brima Jah, and Chastity Davis join Dia and Danielle for this inspirational month of study. Melanie has an open heart, is fiercely devoted to justice, the co-founder of Berkeley Yoga Center, and deconstructs Ashtanga for both new and seasoned practitioners. Brima exudes love, dances like no one’s watching, serves as a mental health case manager, and practices his devotion in the everyday moments of life. Chastity brings her work in Reconciliation and her international offerings of Heart Centred Leadership.

Deposit required by June 1, 2019

About the guest teachers:

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Dia Penning
Founder & Change Facilitator, Equity Collective

With a Masters degree in Arts Integration, ten years as a racial equity professional and twenty-five years of yoga experience, Dia Penning supports students in slowing down, examining limiting patterns, and exploring creativity. She views yoga practice and philosophy as a foundation for social change, integrating both into her work as an equity and justice curriculum writer and coach. Dia encourages a deep exploration of structural inequity through personal transformation and paradigm shift. She has consulted for a variety of clients including universities, museums, municipalities, and corporations and is the founder of The Equity Collective.

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Danielle Hoogenboom
Founder, Love Light Yoga

Danielle Hoogenboom founded Love Light Yoga as an expression of her yoga practice and creative interests both on and off the mat.  She is passionate about  yin yoga and its ability to heal, change and transform ourselves and the world around us. Believing that all people are invited to the healing of yoga, Danielle teaches a diverse schedule of classes and workshops that range from the practical theory to the mystical and sacred parts of yoga. She is certified in many styles and has been teaching yoga for 10 years.  She teaches in studios across Vancouver and often travels aboard to share, celebrate and connect. She teaches Yin Yoga workshops worldwide sharing her passion for a gentle, steady practice.

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Chastity Davis
Founder, Heart Centered Leadership

Chastity is a mixed heritage woman of First Nations and European descent. She is a proud member of the Tla’amin Nation, located in Powell River just off the beautiful Sunshine Coast of BC. She strives to keep her sacred First Nations culture, traditions, and values incorporated into her modern day life. She has dedicated her life to facilitate the building of bridges between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people.

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Beth Zygelbaum
Owner, Leela Yoga

Beth is the grateful owner of Alameda yoga studio: Leela Yoga, which she opened in 2013. She has been a student of yoga since a knee injury in 2001 and an instructor since 2008. Beth is certified to teach hatha yoga, prenatal and postnatal yoga and yoga for pelvic health. Her teachers include the greats Jane Austin and Leslie Howard. Beth teaches mindful flow, prenatal and postnatal classes at Leela Yoga.

Beth's experiences with pregnancy, and the birth of her own three children brought her to specialize in prenatal/postnatal and yoga for pelvic health to fill a glaring gap in health care. With her expertise she offers educational workshops on the female pelvic floor and often works one on one with students who to rehabilitate pelvic issues of all sorts.
Prior to opening a yoga studio, Beth earned a Master's Degree in Geosciences and had a 10 year career in concert and festival production. She is a wife and mother of three small kids who make her insane, and insanely happy :)

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Brima Jah
Bhakti Teacher and Mental Health Worker

All that Brima has loved and hated, avoided or clung to, gained or lost, achieved or failed at, accepted or rejected in his life has compelled him to practice and teach yoga. He recovered from a cervical spine fractures and spinal fusion surgeries through consistent yoga practice.

An eternal student of yoga, he is turned on by discovering the relationship between the "external," or our bodies and the "internal," or our minds. Principles that guide him as a yoga practitioner and teacher are informed by his nearly 15 years exploration of several styles and disciplines: Bikram, Sivananda, Lotus Flow, Iyengar, Trauma-Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga and Katonah.

His study, training and practice of psychotherapy led him into an unfolding quest of bringing awareness to his thoughts, understanding the relationship between his thoughts and emotions, noticing how his emotions influenced his choices, and how those choices either create stagnancy or create freedom.

In this same vein, he teaches yoga based on the assumption that each student lives in their "home," their own body, with an innate wisdom that can remember, reveal, repeat, or restore them through the lens of the yoga practices.

He teaches yoga classes and teacher trainings that are imbibed with yoga philosophy, emphasize inclusivity, balance vigor and ease, humor and warmth, and often chants with his classes.

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Melanie Green
Co-director, Berkeley Yoga Center

Melanie Green came to yoga as a way to heal from chronic discomfort from scoliosis. After over 25 years of practice, she still feels like a beginner.  Melanie makes yoga accessible to all and encourages her students to dive deep and focus on their breath, drishti, and bodily sensations.  Yoga is a way to create inner transformation, and by so doing, to transform, albeit little by little, the world. When teaching, Melanie creates a space for students to listen in, arrive in, and honor their body. She values the spiritual aspects of yoga integrated with the asanas, focusing as much on the profound inner lessons of yoga: who am I? what is the point? how can I be here in this body?  Melanie's yoga background includes extensive study in Ashtanga. She has also trained in Iyengar, Pre/Postnatal and Vipassana Meditation. Ashtanga is an intense physical practice that requires attention to the breath, letting go of thoughts and ego and perseverance through practice. Melanie believes strongly that the world would be a different place, a more accepting, just, and kinder place, if yoga was practiced and valued by all. In class, she invites each student to be fully seen. 

Melanie practices yoga every single day, whether on her mat, or in her life. Her daily practice informs her teaching which is always evolving. She integrates lessons from her own yoga practice into her daily life with her teenage children and wife. Melanie has also been volunteering her time for over a decade teaching yoga to children; currently her volunteer work also takes her to the Edible School Yard in Berkeley and the front desk at Berkeley High. In addition to her regularly scheduled classes, Melanie offers private yoga instruction, wellness coaching and special weekend workshops. Melanie is director and co-owner of the Berkeley Yoga Center and has an MA in Women's Studies where she focused her work on women's bodies, sexuality, and oppression.



A month of practice with these justice warriors:

$2700USD early registration

$2900USD after May 2019

Please complete the application for this training here.

Deposit and payments are processed through Pay Pal, and you will receive instructions following the application process.

Contact us for shared accommodations; if enough participants are interested Dia and Danielle will help to coordinate lodging at an additional fee.


30 Days of Yin and Social Justice:

Week One (Metal and Courage)
Social Justice
Fascia, Skeletal Variation
8 Limbs

Week Two (Water and Energy, Wood and Growth)
Yamas and Niyamas
Nidra, Yoga and Intuition

Week Three (Fire and Transformation)

Week Four (Earth and Growing Roots)
The Divine feminine
Pre and Post Natal
Strategic Movement