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Jamaica Retreats 2018

We are very pleased to release our Jamaica 2018 New Moon Yin Retreat dates. These plant-based yoga retreats are taking place on vegan permaculture farm on the sea. 

Twice daily yoga, vegan meals and natural remedies on a permaculture farm on the sea!  These events will be empowering, healing and educational.  Join us in learning how to identify and properly harvest natural medicines and distill  their essential oils,  make lotions and salves, make roots tonics, go on nature walks to study the ethobotanical and medical properties of plants as you immerse in nature and natural healing. Very excited to be hosting this series with my friends on the North Coast of Jamaica focusing on modern day Rasta lifestyle and connected to the spirit of nature.  Our yin practices will be on the elements and emotions and our daily teas, steams and tonics will reflect that work. Looking well forward to bridging natural livity with body re-education and a moment to reset your inner and outter . Bee keeping, plantain bread, long hikes to waterfalls, reasonings around the fire and depending on which retreat you join us on. MANGOS! YES PLEASE. Can you feel it. And Coconuts, so many coconuts.  WE have an 'Early Babe' presale here. check it out! 

Dates for the New Moons in 2018 are below. We are limited to 12 people in shared rooms per event with possibilities of private rooms at an extra cost. It is 7 nights of accommodation on the farm, with possible options of staying longer or arriving early. BLISS.

 All the showers are outdoors, all the food is organic and vegan and the water is spring water...we have flushing outdoor toilets, lots of farm space to walk,  a natural outdoor oven for homemade breads and swimming right on the property. Come and join us on the farm while you make and immerse in natural medicines and a real roots family vibe. The Ital is Vital and we are ready to welcome you. Questions? Interested in booked a group or different dates as well. Be in touch. 

March 17th, 2018. Early Bird

 April 15th, 2018. Early Bird

May 15th, 2018. Early Bird  

June 13th, 2018. Early Bird

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