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Yin Yoga Educational Retreat in Jamaica 2016

Join the Love Light Yoga Team for the 4th annual Yin in Jamaica Retreat and Yoga Teacher Training – a fine balance of education and relaxation right on the sea. Read below for more juicy info...

wake up, walk out your door and there is the sea. blessed BE!

wake up, walk out your door and there is the sea. blessed BE!

We are excited to have Obediya with us again to dive deep into the studies of muscles and meridians in relationship to yin yoga. Learn how to better understand the movements of the body and how we can fine time the art of yin to be a medicine that is adaptable and accessible.  We are in a new and excellent location right on the sea this year. We have some amazing special events planned for hikes in the mountains, a reggae adventure into the mellow moods of the Kingston music scene, we are serving up local and vegan foods every day in your own calabash,  so you can nourish naturally and with the elements to taste the true Jamaica.  We have loads of space to free range explore, hike, nap or swim. Very blessed to be sharing this space with you. Can't wait to have you.  

Dates are February 25 to March 6th, 2016.  

We have diverse accommodation from camping, to quads, to singles and high-end couples suites. We are accepting applications here. There is limited space for this event, so please be in touch with questions. You can reach Danielle at  Cost is dependent on availability and accommodations. Please fill out an application, and we can offer you what is still available that meets your needs. 

Please fly into Kingston if you are looking for flights. Transportation to the retreat centre is at your own expense, but we will help organize and also connect travellers arriving at the same time. There are many ways to move around the island.  If you are interested in arriving a few days early, or staying on a few days, we can also arrange this as part of your package. We are happy to support your experience of this trip. 

Blessings and Love, Danielle and Team. 

Payment plans are possible, so please be in touch, don't be shy to ask to make it work. We are flexible. 

Camping, Quads, Couples and Singles rooms available. Please apply for cost and availability. The application is short and gives us the information needed to provide you and tracks what is left in terms of rooms. Space is limited. 

Join us for a study of Yin Yoga: Meridians and Muscles to deeper understand the workings of the body and our abilities to tap into its mindful medicine. Gather with us for 10 days of yin yoga - practice, study and theory - reggae music, and adventure trips with Danielle, Obe and their amazing team in Jamaica. It's for sure a powerfully empress-fuelled event using local business and highlighting music, culture and the arts.  Quiet beach mornings, vegan meals of local food and special teas, and time to unwind with new friends. Looking forward to sharing and caring for this healing adventure and educational retreat. Come Along! 

A few words from Obe: 


"Muscles and Meridians are two different prospectives of looking at our bodies, from a western and eastern philosophical prospective.  Taking into account the influence of culture on how we see the world, this workshop provides deeper insight into how these prospectives are intertwined.  Focusing on the overlaps of Western Anatomy and Acupuncture Theory, this workshop will give students an understanding of which muscles are influenced by particular meridians, and how this knowledge can improve their current profession in the health and wellness industry as a Yin Yoga Teacher"  

-Obediya Jones Darrell-

Email for more information or any questions. Looking forward to serving this adventure with you.  

Sample Day:

8am-9:15am Yin Yoga
10:30am-12:30pm: Theory,  Lecture and Anatomy
Free Time
6pm Dinner
7:30pm-9:30pm. Evening Class, Special Events, Natural Reasonings. 

We will be taking a few day trips and a special evening that will allow us to share in the power and healing of a Reggae music at a local event. Can't wait to take you to some truly special places. Love Always. 

Another Special Guest:

Desirée Dawson is a singer-songwriter and Yoga Instructor born and raised in Vancouver BC. Desirée loves language and writing therefore writes all her own music. She draws inspiration for her music from her love of reading people and their emotions, intrigued by the web that we are all interconnected in.

When she is not making music, you can find her connecting with her body and breath at Yoga! She says that through her yoga practice she found her true authentic voice and her confidence to use on and off the stage. When asked about what music means to her, Desirée says, “I love how a group of completely different people can be united by one song. Music has the power to stir up the deepest emotions, it is therapeutic and such an effective healer. For these reasons and so many more, music is my life. Yoga, just happens to do the same things so i've been lucky enough to combine my two passions."

Some of Desirée’s most proud moments have been, opening for the blues legend, Jim Byrnes, playing at Fortune Sound Club multiple times, playing on the main stage of the Vancouver Pride festival, winning 1st place on the TV-J morning TV show in Kingston Jamaica, working on yoga and songwriting with the youth at Holy Trinity High School in Kingston Jamaica, and spreading her light and love around the world through the combination of singing and yoga!  Follow her journey on Facebook, Soundcloud, Youtube or Instagram.