Yin and Social Justice Shapes.

We had a great offering of the 30 hour Yin and Social Justice in Vancouver with Dia Penning and Chastity Davis. Join Danielle and Dia in 2018 for Yin and Social Justice at Hollyhock on Cortes. 

Enjoy an exploration of these shapes from our 4 day training with a diverse group from across Canada and California. 

Day 1

  • Float on back, with a bolster or rolled blanket under the knees

  • Right knee to chest, holding with both hands. Knee could be wide or narrow: 3 minutes

  • Right ankle to left knee, like a number forth. The right hand could reach between the legs and both hands clasp beyond the left thigh. 6 minutes

  • Repeat the last two poses!

  • Left knee to chest. 3 minutes

  • Left ankle to knee. 6 minutes

  • From the back. Knees wide and fall open, soles of the feet together, heels can be close or far from the body.  6 minutes

  • Supine Twist. From your back, hips off to the right a bit, knees over to the left. Knees and ankles stacked. Knees in line with hips and feet moving more towards the left. 5 minutes. Switch sides

  • Final Rest


Day 2

  • Bolster under the spine. Heart opener. 6 minutes

  • Child’s Pose with a bolster under the chest. Neck turned to one side. Switch sides of head halfway throught. 10 minutes

  • Heart Opener on the wall. Sit with the right side of the body to the wall. Extend the right arm out behind the body. Wrist in line with the shoulder. Start with the palm facing on the wall, than change the arm height and wrist angle as you explore the tension in the body: 3 minutes on each side.

  • Arms behind the back. Reach the right arm behind the back and reach for the left elbow. Reach shoulders and breath. Explore turning the bed to one side. Switch sides. 3 minutes each side


Day 3

  • Half Square pose with bolster. Right knee bent and on top of bolster. Left leg long. Fold forward and support knees if needed.

  • Supported Fish with bolster wide: 3 minutes

  • Dragonfly: 5 minutes

  • Dragon/Lunges: 5 minutes

  • Supine Twist: 6 minutes


Day 4

  • Forward Fold: 10 minutes

  • Cat Pulling its Tail.  Its like a supine twist with the top leg straight in line with the hips. Deepen the twist with your shoulder and hip placement:: 7 minutes each side.

  • Toe Squat. From hands and knees, tuck your toes (toenails facing the shins) and sit back on your heels,  4 minutes. 


Day 5

  • Hamstrings on the back. One leg at a time. Holding on the leg: 7 minutes

  • Flat Cat. From your belly. lift your left leg flat on the ground and up towards your armpit. Switch sides.  4 minutes each side

  • Sphinx. Starting from your stomach, press up on your forearms with your elbows under your shoulders. relax the legs long and left the head drop back, or hand forward, or supported with a block: 5 minutes.