Social Venture Institute

This was my second time attending this event, and I have to stay the second time is the best time. The first year was epic. I signed up after a nudge from my friend and mentor Madeleine Shaw from Lunapads to get on board and go go go for some business with heart inspiration, and travelled to Cortez Island, BC by floatplane! This time I took the Transformation Projects bus with my friends Adrian and Andrea. Think school bus that has been transformed to a sauna party bus, with kitchen, shower and rolling wifi. Have you ever made hot chocolate for 12 while flying down the highway, so FUN!

I was honoured to share up a handful of yin yoga classes. I love this practice so so much for the potency, simplicity and its ability to easily make an impact. What a joy to hear feedback from a handful of newbie’s about how much they loved this style and how it really gave them a renewed moment. SVI is so much fun, but also very full. It’s a whirlwind of beauty, energy, excitement and top skill sets and dreams that are literally rocking a revolution on this planet.

My favourite part is the human aspect. Where else in the world can you share a breakfast with a millionaire visionary one moment, a not for profit dreamer and do-er at lunch and then a table of bankers and artists for dinner. The diversity is so beautiful because our common vision is the same: we all truly believe its possible to dream, create and participate in a better world where money is a force for good and alliances are magic. We have a chance in this day and age to really connect and align with each other to produce nothing short of what seems impossible.  Our value is in our humanness and our ability to see and support each other.

I love this event. Last year I made the greatest connections in the most comfortable and common ways. I built a slow alliance around me and we continue to support each other. This year I feel more so. Knowing the comfortable vibe allowed me to show up as me and fully joy the time, instead of racing to attend all parts and pieces.  I took time for one-on-ones, conversations with leaders that inspired me and planted seeds of greatness for projects to come.  

The ferry road back was pretty much the best travel trip I have had in a long time and that is a bold statement as I spend a lot of time on the road! Nothing like a bus with a subwoofer, blasting same of my favourite sounds (check out the mixtape were rocking!). We danced for nearly 2 hours in the bus, had tea and crackers and made new friends. WHY, cause the revolution of good action not only needs a good sound, but a good people and having a GOOD time. Fill your cup and change the world, make friends while doing it. BOOM! Can’t wait til next year’s SVI, please come and join me or ask about if you are interested and curious!