Roots Adventures in Jamaica

Don't believe the hype and fear. 

I have received a few notes about people being worried about crime in Jamaica.  I have been travelling here for 7 years and never once at any trouble. I LOVE Jamaica. I feel respected and in alignment with natural living and right balance.  When people make comments about fear and crime they often don't look at the source. Poverty is a realllll things in the world that like to ignore or pretend is a thing separate from each action in the world. 

So before you sip the fear koolaid, allow yourself another narrative. Rolling hills, the warmest people, the best music, incredible food, real culture, incredible natural medicines and an attitude that ever upfulll. To quote one of the fav reggae artists, Randy Valentine: "whenever they tell you a story, they tell you how sad it is. I am here to bring you a new narrative, a true narrative" .

I would love for you to come to Jamaica anytime. I have been welcoming, hosting and producing groups and events for many years and have a great family and team here. From water adventures in Portland, to coffee mountain hikes, reggae nights in the city, fires and steamers and irie people and feasts fit for ital royals. We got you covered for sure! 

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