Yin Rest and Reset: Two Vegan Weekend Retreats in Jamaica

Super Excited to be adding and announcing some super excellent ital events while I am in Jamaica. The weekends around the Yin and Social Justice Yoga and Leadership Training, I will be hosting a mellow Yin Rest and Rest Weekend. Come and enjoy a vegan diet with us, yin yoga and healing teas on the seat. Two special weekends: February 10th to 12th and March 2nd to 5th. Come for one or both. Simple and deluxe rooms, as well as shared, couples and solo. Please write Danielle for availability and cost. Danielle@lovelightyoga.com

Day Flow

Friday: Beach available at 10am for day use.  2pm Room Check for weekend guest. 4-6pm Yin Yoga. 6:30pm Vegan Dinner.  8pm Fire and Tea. 

Saturday:  8am-10am: Yin Yoga and Tea. 10am Breakfast. Free time or additional booked healing sessions.  Yin Yoga 4-6pm. Dinner 6:30pm. Evening for personal reflection, rest and digest. Flow away to the sides of the ocean. 

Sunday: 9am-11am Yin Yoga and Tea.  Vegan Brunch 11am with Healing Teas. Day Beach use until 5pm. 

Daily Rates available if space availability:  Danielle@lovelightyoga.com