Meet our Social Justice Co-Teachers for August in California

Join us for Balance, Leadership, and Liberation, a 200 hour Yin Yoga training in Alameda California, July 29-August 23, 2019, hosted at Leela Yoga Alameda.

This training is a collaboration between Love Light Yoga and The Equity Collective. Founders Danielle and Dia have joined forces to explore the overlaps and intersections between the physical tension, the subtle body, inner transformation and systems of power. Expanding on 5 years of collaboration and curriculum development, they will support participants in a deep dive of interconnection. Led in collaboration with a stellar team of yogis, participants will explore balance in process, leadership in life, and the practice of liberation. This training is an opportunity to embody transformation, physically and socially. It is a space to experience yoga practice and philosophy, both, on and off the mat.

Leela Yoga Alameda is in gorgeous San Francisco Bay and privileges community over personality with a commitment to approaching yoga as a life practice. Founder, Beth Zygelbaum is a master teacher who focused on the female pelvis and yoga for both pre and postnatal bodies.

In addition to Beth, Melanie Green, Brima Jah, and Alex Crow join Dia and Danielle for this inspirational month of study. Melanie has an open heart, is fiercely devoted to justice, the co-founder of Berkeley Yoga Center, and deconstructs Ashtanga for both new and seasoned practitioners. Brima exudes love, dances like no one’s watching, serves as a mental health case manager, and practices his devotion in the everyday moments of life. Alex embraces the subtle realm challenging us all to experience liminal space by demonstrating the healing of Reiki, Nidra and how Yin energy serves to balance everything.

You can read the detailed bios and find the application link on the event page below. Questions? write

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